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Writing a song is quite easy. But rap music is definitely a challenge. Even some professional rappers find it hard to create another rap song (unless they are placed in a rap battle where they have to be spontaneous.) The volume of the lyrics in a rap music is way higher compared to any type of music. As a matter of fact, the song with the most number of words is a rap song. It is entitled “Animal” by Harry Shotta, an MC from the United Kingdom. It has 1, 771 words. It replaced Eminem’s “Rap God” with 1, 560 words.




Well, if you want to make a rap song now, consider these seven basic steps in writing a rap music:


Select a theme

The very first thing to do is to brainstorm a theme. Find an inspiration for your music. You can use your personal life experiences as the primary theme of your music. You can also use rap to convey a message about a certain social issue. Or you can just be general about your song, rapping about men and women, living wild and free.


Create a hook

Most rap songs have a hook. Sometimes, it is called the “chorus”. It is the part of your rap music that can be easily remembered by listeners. Some rappers start their rap with the hook to make it more attractive to the audience. It also provides a good pre-vibes of the rap as it packages the main message.


Play with words

After finalizing a melodic hook, start writing your lyrics. In this stage, you have to play with words. A rhyme is one of the most common elements in rap lyrics. You do not need to pressure yourself with the rhymes. First, you just have to be spontaneous. Go back to your lyrics and check for some words which you can alter. Besides, rhymes do not need to be all natural. “Near rhymes” will do.


Master the beat

In a rap music, the beat is the most important. It should go in-sync with your lyrics and theme. On the other hand, you should be careful in choosing a beat. There are websites where you can purchase beats. You can also create your own beats using computer software or even smartphone apps. Moreover, you can partner with DJs.


Organize the song flow

Now that you have the hook, the lyrics, and the beat, it is now time for you to organize your song flow. You just have to arrange the placement of the verses, chorus, refrain, bridge, and outro, among others. As mentioned earlier, some raps start with the chorus. You can be unique with your song flow.



After doing the finishing touches for your rap music, practice the song. Play the beat and sing the rap lyrics. Since rap songs are full of words, it may be complicated for you to memorize the lyrics. Just take your time until you master everything.

info2 - 6 Basic Steps in Writing a Rap Music
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