featured8 - The 6 Greatest Rap Mixtapes of the Millennium
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Mixtapes are really part of the hip hop music culture. In fact, hip hop continues to redefine the concept of mixtapes. Most hip hop artists release mixtapes, after releasing their albums. It’s their way of promoting their music or simply just expressing their individuality as an artist and the distinctness of their music. Listening to a mixtape is really fun. Longer music, either of one artist’s records or a compilation of great artists.


In this article, we list down the top six rap mixtapes since the beginning of hip hop music culture:


Da Drought 3, Lil Wayne

Da Drought 3 is a double-disc mixtape by American rapper Lil Wayne. It was named by Pitchfork “The Best Mixtape of All Time”. It also received rave reviews from Rolling Stone and MTV. Definitely, it is the most ambitious work of Lil Wayne. It plays over 100 minutes of different Lil Wayne eras. It also debuted the career of some hip hop artists like Nicki Minaj.

50 Cent is the Future, 50 Cent

This was the first mixtape released by 50- Cent. This was 50 Cent’s response to life’s misfortune. He got shot nine times and was dropped from his label, Fif. He recorded the mixtape in Canada. After its release, it became the official soundtrack of summer 2002. In fact, it was named by XXL as one of the best mixtapes of all time.


We Got It 4 Cheap Vol. 2, Clipse

The mixtape We Got It 4 Cheap was released by hip hop duo Clipse and their group, the Re-UP Gang in 2008. The main focus of the mixtape is drug trafficking. It features three volumes. The second volume was voted as the Best Mixtape of the Year 2005. It was even regarded by Pitchfork as the second best rap mixtape of all time.


Kush & Orange Juice, Wiz Khalifa

In 2010, American rapper Wiz Khalifa released his mixtape Kush & OJ (abb.). After its release, it became a trending topic both on Google and Twitter. As a matter of fact, the hashtag #kushandorgangejuice spent three days on Twitter Worldwide trends. The theme of the mixtape includes women, smoking weed, and endless partying.


Acid Rap, Chance the Rapper

Acip Rap is the second mixtape released by Chance the Rapper in 2013. It entered the Billboard R&B/Hip Hop Album chart at number 63. It also received diamond certification for garnering over one million digital downloads. It was nominated for BET Hip Hop Awards 2013. Rolling Stone, Pitchfork, and SPIN Magazine also listed it as one of the best albums of 2013.


The S. Carter Collection, JAY-Z

JAY-Z, or Shawn Carter in real-life created a collection of his works through a mixtape. It was released in 2003. The mixtape features classic vibes, skipping JAY-Z signature soul-rap music. Instead, it openly criticized others’ music and call out artists. But above all these, JAY-Z proved his title as one of rap’s greatest rhymers.

Which of these mixtapes are included in your playlist?