featured3 - 10 Most Common Hip Hop Dance Styles
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In the lieu of hip hop music’s massive success, hip hop dance comes along. It remains one of the most popular dance styles today. Basically, you just have to dance your body to the hip hop music. But, there are certain elements that classify a hip hop dance “hip hop”. Here are the most common hip hop dance styles:

1 - 10 Most Common Hip Hop Dance Styles


Popping was created Sam Solomon in Fresno, California. It is performed by continuously contracting and relaxing your muscles to achieve a jerking or snapping effect in your body. This step was first performed by the Electric Boogaloos Dance Crew.



Don Campbell created the locking dance style in Los Angeles during the 1960s. He debuted the dance style along with his dance crew called The Lockers. A quick movement followed by a pause is a common trait in locking. The hips and legs are usually relaxed while the hands and arms do the move. Basically, it requires a lot of acrobatics to perform locking.



Also called as b-boying or b-girling, breakdancing plays an integral role in Black and Latino American dance culture. It started to flourish in the 1970s where dancers, especially young ones dance to hop-hop remixes. Breakdancing is composed of four elements – top rock (standing), down rock (floor tricks), freeze (poses), and the power moves (acrobatics).

2 - 10 Most Common Hip Hop Dance Styles


Boogaloo follows a fluid or a loose movement which provides an illusion that the dancer has no bones. Basically, it moves the hips, legs, knees, and head, creating a clean transition. Boogaloo is closely related to popping dance style.



Crip-walking was popularized by the Crips gang. They usually perform this dance style every after victory against their rival gang, the Bloods. Today, it has been a part of hip hop dance culture. Some famous rappers like Snoop Dogg and Xzibit perform crip-walking in their music videos.



Apparently, floating style gives an impression to the audience that the dancer is floating in the air. It follows three basic moves – the float, glide, and slide. In performing these moves, the dancer creates an illusion of frictionless shows.



The word “turfing” is derived from “Taking up room on the floor”. It started in Oakland, California. To do a turf, one must move with the goal of clearly telling a story about various traditions and life events through dancing.



The robot dance style has also joined the hip hop dance culture. It is very similar to popping except that it avoids any smooth movement. It simply just mimics or imitates the movement of the robot, doing very stiff movements of the body.



Krumping is one of the most popular hip hop dance styles of this generation. It basically follows four basic moves – chest pops, jabs, arm swings, and stomps. Actually, krumping is more of a freestyle dance, as long as you incorporate those four basic moves.



Lyrical hip hop dance is interpretative in nature. It is usually performed along with down-tempo rap or R&B music. It follows a choreography instead of freestyle movement.


Which of these hip hop dance styles do you like?